Coins & Paper Money Stocks & Bonds, Scripophily World Europe
COLLECTABLE 1916 Russian Bond Moscow-Kiev-Voronezh Railroad 335,000,000 Rubles
FRANCE scripophilia scripophily - Ateliers De La Motobecane Bicycle Moped Bond
Kingdom of Yugoslavia, 1932 Specimen Bond
Greece Thessaloniki Horseraces Company Share Bond Stock Cert 1928-2 items
1916 RUSSIAN RUSSIA FRANCE Bank of SIBERIA Stock Certificate Bank Note Coupons
Japan. All Nippon Airways Co., Ltd., 1989 $10,000 Specimen 4 1/8% Bond, XF
Assault On Gold Update -- Part 2
The sales were of paper claims, not of real metal. The demand for physical possession of bullion rose so strongly that large wholesalers such as and large retailers such as Gainesville Coins ... and role as world money when its ...
Protecting Yourself From Japanese Insanity
Since the financial crisis, the Fed has flooded the economy with printed money, trebling the so-called monetary base. That base consists of highly liquid money, such as coins, paper ... stock would be the place to park your money, while bonds ...
The Coin Analyst: What Should Gold Investors Do Now?
Nothing about that is new or unexpected, and the fact that it sent stocks, bonds, and precious metals down so sharply ... a kind of sugar high driven to a considerable extent by the easy money of QE. If this is what happens when the Fed simply re-states ...
Solving The Riddle
With the exception of someone living in a cave on an undiscovered island, everyone uses money. Shops accept currency notes and coins, but they also accept credit cards. Is credit card money? Money is the value assigned to a commodity, a piece of paper ...
Paper stock certificates are collectors' items
According to the Depository Trust & Clearing Corp., stock trading could be virtually paper-free in three to five years. But even as paper certificates disappear from the financial world ... bonds issued by the Confederacy. Among paper shares on Scripophily ...
Greece Olympic airlines TAE 50 Share Bond Stock Certificate 1951
Industrial Mortgage Bank of Finland Specimen.
Russian Empire 1902 Series 10000 Rubles 4% State Bond Share certificate coupons
Copenhagen Telephone Co., Inc., 1964 Specimen Bond
Imperial Russia 3% 1894 Gold Loan Bond 125 Gold Rubles
Greece / Turkey Railway CdF Ottoman Salonique Monastir dd 1893 Constantinople
Republic of Finland, 1979 Specimen Bond
1921 Austria Governement Bond - Vienna
Polish Bond 1935 Poland bond UNCANCELLED with coupons b
RUSSIAN Petroleum and Liquid Fuel Company - 1906
Compagnie Cotiere de Madagascar
Switzerland: Sidi Holding AG, Winterthur
Russia City of St.PETERSBURG Loan / Bond 375 Rubles 1901
German Government City of Stuttgart 50000 M. Bond 1923
WW1 German City of Hamburg 5,000 Mark War Reparations 4 1/2% Bond, 1919
WW1 German City of Hamburg 10,000 Mark War Reparations 4 1/2% Bond, 1919
1894-02 Russian Internal State Bond Certificate - Czarist Government, Russia
Original Austria Loan 1921 City Vienna 5% Bond 2000 cr coup Uncancelled Top Deco
WW1 Berlin German War Reparations Bond, 10,000 Marks, 1920
German War Bond 1919 200 Marks Berlin Reparations
1919 WWI WW1 War Reparations German City of Munich 2,000 Mark 5% Bond, 1919
1894-02 Russian Internal State Bond Certificate - Czarist Government, Russia
1894-02 Russian Internal State Bond Certificate Czarist Government, Russia
WW1 Berlin German War Reparations Bond, 2,000 Marks, 1920
HUNGARY KINGDOM DEBT BOND stock certificate 1915 10,000 Kroner
3 Consecutive HUNGARY KINGDOM DEBT BOND 1920 5,000 Kroner 4 1/2 % 4.5%
HUNGARY KINGDOM DEBT BOND stock certificate 1915 10,000 Kroner
Fonderies Saint-Joseph & Samson Reunies bond
Five 1917 Russian Coupon Bonds (#82) Each with 4 Coupons Attached. Includes Copy
1905 Southend Palace Hotel Company,RARE UK BOND CERTIFICATE £20
1926 French Indochina Bond Saigon Vietnam 100 Francs 24 Unused Interest Receipts
1935-1936 Poland, Republic of, $3 Bond Interest Coupons ** FREE U.S. SHIPPING **
Channel Tubular Railway Preliminary Company Ltd. Stock Certificate, 1892
Austrian Daimler Motors Bond w/coupons
Egy Forint - Sheet of (4) One Forint Notes (Circa 1852)
Hungarian Fund - Sheet of (3) One Dollar Notes (2nd February, 1852)
Compagnie des Claridges Hotels - France
Canal Maritime de Corinthe FRANCE - 500 Francs
Stade-Velodrome de la Ville de Nice bond - France
Librairies-Imprimeries Reunies Societe Anonyme - FRANCE
1917 Russian Coupon Bond (#81) 4 Coupons Attached. Includes Copy of 1934 Paine,
Kingdom of Roumania Bond
1899 100 Francs Trust Colonial bond - Belgium
Grands Hotels de la Riviera
Austria Schuldverschreibung bond
Great Britain 1866 Charles Laffitte & Co. Ltd
Societe Nouvelle des Sultanats du Haut-Oubangui FRANCE
Societe Anonyme pour le Commerce Colonial
1924 Petrole Trust
L'Alimentation Economique
Societe Anonyme du Petit Nicois
Societe Miniere Intercoloniale
Sociedad Explotadora De Petroleos Begona
Compagnie Financiere Belgo-Chinoise Bond
Grandes Tuileries et Briqueteries Toulousaines
Belgium Minerva Motors Bond
Omnibus de Paris FRANCE - 500 Francs
Valuable Paper Bonds and Stocks of Insurance company in Russia 1827-1918.CATALOG
Stock and Mutual Insurance in Russia 1827-1920.Акционерное Страхование в России
1916 The Russian Tobacco Company 100 shares WITH £100 Russo Asiatic Bank Stamp
1894 Banco Commercial Do Porto, Rare 8 Portugal Revenue Stamps!
Russian Empire 1902 Series 1000 Rubles 4% State Bond Share certificate & coupons
1908 German City of Hamburg 1,000 Mark 4% Bond, 1908
1909 German City of Hamburg 1,000 Mark 4% Bond, 1909
The University of London Club Limited > 1926 England certificate stock
Compagnie Generale Des Tabacs
Tabacs D'Orient & D'Outre-Mer
Charbonnages de Millau bond
1920 Credit Foncier Argentin - France
Tabacs de Macedoine Et D'Asie Mineure
1872 Compagnie Des Docks Et Entrepots De Marseille
Dortmund Municipal Utilities Bond Stock Certificate Germany
1901 Stock Certificate: ''British America Corporation''
England - Grainger & Smith, Limited Stock Certificate
1928 Sweden Kreuger & Toll Stockholm 20 Kronor Bond Free US Shipping
1964 SPECIMEN Bond Certificate: 'Republic of Finland' - Green
1941 Imperial Russian Government, Three-Year Credit Bond Certificate/Loan Russia
1916 Vienna, Austria Bond Certificate: Funfte Osterreichische Kriegsanleihe, WWI
Lot of 5 - Societe Des Mines D'or de Kilo-Moto
Sté Générale de Procédés d'Extraction du Caoutchouc
1930 German 5 1/2% Gold Bond $100 Laminated Cancelled no coupons Great shape.
Original 1911 German Government Bond w/Coupons No.39751
Original 1911 German Government Bond w/Coupons No.47859
Original 1911 German Government Bond w/Coupons No.50107
Sociedad Espanola De Combustibles Liquidos Y Sus Derivados, SA
1870 Stock Certificate: Navale Adriatico - Trieste, Italy - Adriatic Navy Bond
Societe Industrielle Des Petroles Roumains
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The Daily Reckoning May 15th
The results from this turn of phrase are less than desirable ... They, occasionally during a medical crisis in the hospital, make the decision to pull the plug or allow life to go on.” We hear you. At first, we were prepared to dismiss the piece as ...
Next will be a Bond Market bust: James Dines
This will lead to "a stampede to get out of bonds like a herd of elephants attempting to exit through a revolving door." How can investors protect themselves? That is Dinesism #38. The Gold Report: What does it mean that leading stock market averages have ...
Used gold supply heads for ’08 low as sellers balk
Refiners will handle about 1,550 metric tons of old jewelry and other discarded metal this year ... The 30-member Philadelphia Stock Exchange Gold and Silver Index, led by Freeport-McMoRan Copper & Gold Inc., fell 36% this year and more than $39 billion ...
Early 20th century Standard Bank of South Africa 20-Pound banknote sells for $10,620
It was also the top lot in an auction that offered 1,163 examples of U.S. and worldwide banknotes, scripophily (the collecting of stocks and bonds) and security printing ... to the “Third Annual Wall Street Coins, Currency and Collectibles Show ...
Three speeds of the crisis and its divergent paths
For the second half of 2012 the rhythm of world economy involved two speeds: on the one hand, the United States and Europe with economic ... account movements in the stock markets where public debt bonds are issued in national currency purchased by ...
Commodities have crashed, next up bonds - Dines
doubling the money supply ... recommended blue-chip stocks that have a dividend yield higher than that of U.S. Treasury paper, because they are proxies for institutions seeking to park their cash in areas other than overpriced bonds. That should end ...