Coins & Paper Money Stocks & Bonds, Scripophily World Americas
1915 Mexico: Colonia Nativitas, S.A.
Romano Beligiana de Petrol Belgian Roman Oil Stock Certificate 1918 u
San Antonio Land and Irrigation Company Limited Canada 1913 iss to Dunn Fischer
Colombia Bond 1927 National Railways Company Prefered Deco coupons
BRAZIL : Manaos Harbour Limited dd 1911
Banco Francés de Chile ,Share certificate 1917 VG+
The Coin Analyst: What Should Gold Investors Do Now?
Nothing about that is new or unexpected, and the fact that it sent stocks, bonds, and precious metals down so sharply ... a kind of sugar high driven to a considerable extent by the easy money of QE. If this is what happens when the Fed simply re-states ...
Solving The Riddle
With the exception of someone living in a cave on an undiscovered island, everyone uses money. Shops accept currency notes and coins, but they also accept credit cards. Is credit card money? Money is the value assigned to a commodity, a piece of paper ...
Paper stock certificates are collectors' items
According to the Depository Trust & Clearing Corp., stock trading could be virtually paper-free in three to five years. But even as paper certificates disappear from the financial world ... bonds issued by the Confederacy. Among paper shares on Scripophily ...
Antique banknote, coin and scripophily sale offers over 1,200 lots
Oct. 20, 2012 at the museum, and Sunday and Tuesday (Oct. 21 and 23) at AIA’s new offices in Fort Lee, N.J. The Wall Street Collectors’ Bourse will feature banknote, coin and scripophily (stock and ... minted coinage. World Paper Money Errors ...
Record $10 Million Coin Underscores Rare Coin Market Strength, But Know Your Dealer, Advises Professional Numismatists Guild
It seems a great many collectors are more worried about their jobs, paying the mortgages, and staying on top of their bills. The more 'ordinary' rare coins are selling at a good pace but at reasonable prices. It seems to be a great time for the ...
Gratry South America - Belgium Stock Certificate with 30 coupons 1944 t7u
Original Brazil Bond 1909 Victoria Minas Railway 500 fr coupons Uncancelled deco
1921 Asociacion Canaria Habana Havana Cyba Bono USD100 Cien Pesos Liberty Island
USA 1926 Urbain Corporation Dover Delaware $25 share class B coupons Uncancelled
Brazil Bond 1912 Port Rio de Janeiro 500 fr Uncancelled Top Deco lighthouse ship
Original Peru Bond 1905 Mining Mines Tuco Cheira Co Uncancelled Deco coupons
Compañía General del Perú , unissued share certificate 1000 soles 18XX Fine
Original Uruguay France Bond 1906 Mines Rivera 100 fr Uncancelled coupons
MEXICO I/16a.Compañía Vidriera Michoacana Serie "A" Acción de $500 pesos de 1936
MEXICO I/16b.Compañía Vidriera Michoacana Acción Serie "B" de $500 pesos de 1936
Original Colombia Bond 1927 National Railways serie B Deco Uncancelled coupons
Chile 1966 Stocks GASCO Cia de Consumidores de Gas de Santiago #245152
BRAZIL : Agricola Florestal e de Estrada de Ferro Monte Alegre Curitypa Parana
Brazil 1935 Loan Municipal City Porto Alegre Rs 50$000 Uncancelled coupons Deco
Original Ecuador 4.5% New External Consolidated Debt 1891 £40 Uncancelled
MEXICO C/11 ESTABLOS MODERNOS S.A una acción de $500.00 pesos, 1947(MILK)
MEXICO : CHIAPAS Compagnie Commerciale d'Outremer uncancelled dividend coupons
Argentina Bond 1961 Beer Malteria y Cerveceria de Cuyo $100 Uncancelled coupons
Dewey and Almy Chemical Company Boston Incorporation Stock Certificate 1945 t2u
Panama 6% Gold Bond 1932 ISTHMUS Co $1000 Uncancelled
1906 BRAZIL Manaos Harbour Limited £100 debenture share UK
Peru 1933 Stock Compañia Agricola Otero Limitada #92
Mexico 1910 Gold Silver Mining Minera Saturno 5 shares UNCANCELLED revenue coup
INDONESIA: Suikerfabriek Tjoekir, Soerabaja, Bewijs van Aandeel, 1924
1913 San Luis Potosi, Mexico: Compania Central Petrolera, S.A.
1937 Central Violeta Sugar Company / Compania Azucarera Central Violeta
CvBA 38(A)-Independent Petroleum Co.S.A, 500 Acciones de un peso Oro Nov.1917
Brazil Bond 1922 Agricola Una Society Bahia Rs. 200$000 Uncancelled coupons Deco
Original Peru 1947/49 Company Theaters Cinemas Teatros 20+ shares Uncancelled
MEXICO I/16c. Compañía Vidriera Michoacana Bono Fundador 1936
Original Bolivia Bond 1928 Huanchaca Company 1 share £1 Uncancelled Deco coupon
Ecuador France 1909 Bond 5% Railroad Chemins de Fer 500 fr uncancelled coupons
Original Argentina 1904 Capillitas Copper Company 1 share £1 Uncancelled coupons
Mines d´Or de San Carlos,Antioquia Colombia share certificate 1903 Gold mining
USA America Ilinois Central Railroad gold note 1000 Dollar 1920 Eisenbahn
USA Lot 3 bond 1970th International Telephone Telegraph ITT more 100 shares ABNC
Original Canada 1938 5% Bond Eastern Rivers Investment Co 1 share $25 coupons
BRAZIL : PORT OF PARA USDOLL 100 1906 with uncancelled dividend coupons+ 1 talon
Chile 1912 Bond 5% The Chilian Northern Railway Co £100 Uncancelled Deco coupons
First Mortgage Bond 1910 Central Railway of Ecuador Ltd £20 Uncancelled coupons
PERU: Cia. TURUQUIRI - 1885 - #777
Peru 1933 Stock Compañia Agricola Otero Limitada #87
Peru 1933 Stock Compañia Agricola Otero Limitada #88
Peru 1933 Stock Compañia Agricola Otero Limitada #86
Peru 1933 Stock Compañia Agricola Otero Limitada #90
Peru 1933 Stock Compañia Agricola Otero Limitada #91
BRAZIL MINING Mining & Industy Franco Bresilienne 1904
Peru 1933 Stock Compañia Agricola Otero Limitada #93
Brazil Bond 1915 State Bahia South Western Railway Co £10 Uncancelled coupons
Panama 7% Gold Bond 1932 ISTHMUS Corporation $1000 Uncancelled
Credit Foncier Belgo-Suisse du Mexique ,Share certificate, Mexico 1911
Original France Peru Bond 1897 Mining Gold Mines Luicho Co 100f Uncancelled coup
MEXICO: Mexican Timber Field Company, shares 1901, uncancelled
USA famous 1960th Bond Western Union Telegraph Co Deco
1900 Mexico: Compania Azucarera del Panuco Sociedad Anonima
Compania Minera Nazareno y Catasillas. 1922, 10 Shares, "Canjeado", $1000 Pesos.
CvBA 36(A)-Acción Cvban Standard Petroleo Co./Cía Cvbana de Petróleo Modelo 1917
USA Bond 1919 Imperial Consolidated Mining Arizona Deco
Ecuador 1920 Belgian Comptoir Colonial Trading 100 fr uncancelled coupons Deco
INDONESIA:Soerabayasche Bank- en Handelsvereeniging, Obligatie, 1892
Uruguay Internal Debt Loan 1960 Bond 500p Uncancelled coup serie C issue 1200
CvBA 35(A)- UNION OIL COMPANY, S.A. PETROLEO cien acciones de Oro, Habana 1917
Brazil Bond 1906 Port Para $100 1 share Uncancelled Deco Waterlow & Sons
MEXICO P/18b COMPAÑIA PETROLERA “EL TRIUNFO”Serie“B”100 acciones,$100 pesos,1916
Original Brazil Belgium 1901 Mining Miniere Tres Cruzes 250 fr Uncancelled Deco
1910 Mexico Mexican Compania Minera NAZARENO Y ANEXAS Temascaltepec $100
Compania Minera Nazareno y Catasillas. 1922, 1 Share, $100 Pesos. Low Grade.
Venezuela 1931 French Society Research Recherches 500 fr Uncancelled coupons
1916 Mexico Compania Petrolera Mexicana Faros de Aztlan - 100 Acciones
19__ The Anglo-Argentine Tramways Company (Specimen)
UK GB Argentina 1910 Capillitas Consolidated Mines 5 shares £5 Uncancelled coup
Republica del PERU uncancelled government bond 1978 Series E, finance banking
USA 1916 6% National Properties Co American Railways Gold $1000 Uncancelled coup
USA Bond 1908 United Gold Mining & Milling Co 25 shares Delaware Uncancelled cop
Original Brazil Bond 1909 Manaos Improvements Ltd £20 Uncancelled coup Waterlow
Brazil 1955 Loan State District Federal Rio de Janeiro 1.000.00 Uncancelled coup
Brazil Bond 1925 Credit Foncier Bresil 500 fr Extra Deco Uncancelled coupons
Brazil Bond 1913 Port Para $100 1 share Uncancelled Deco coupons Waterlow & Sons
Original Argentina 1904 Capillitas Copper Co 10 shares £10 Uncancelled coupons
Argentina UK GB 1968 Electricidad Provincia Buenos Aires 5 share 5sh Uncancelled
Banco Central Mexicano Share certificate 1905 uncancelled with coupons VF
Peru 1985 Stock Castellano S.A. #280
Peru 1985 Stock Castellano S.A. #298
1910 Mexico Mexican Compania Minera NAZARENO Y ANEXAS Temascaltepec $1
Bond 1912 Brazil Railway Company $100 Uncancelled 1 share Deco coupon Waterlow
Canada 1914 Barcelona Traction Light Power Gold $100 Deco coupons Uncancelled
INDONESIA: Soc. Franco-Neerlandaise de Culture & de Commerce, Indonesia map 1908
Mexico 1903 Bond Loan State Tamaulipas $100 silver UNCANCELLED DECO coupons
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“America’s Final Unwind”
It pays no income taxes and it enables un-elected individuals to control ... trade stocks, shop for groceries and fill your gas tank. Its imperative you take action now to protect your privacy and ultimately make a small fortune before paper money is ...
Will Silver Pay You More Than Gold as an Investment?
433 percent returns during the 70s Oil Crisis: In 1975, during America's biggest oil crisis ... Investors distrust paper money and anything based on it — such as stocks and bonds. They turn instead to hard assets — like land, precious metals, and ...
The Gold Standard Revisited
Note the close correlation between the Consumer Optimism Index and stock prices in the past ... (Without machines that can print paper money, there are some physical limitations on how fast new coins with a lower silver content can be issued and ...
The Irreversible Trends Driving Gold Prices To $10,000
To be more specific, I study how these investors generate such huge and consistent profits in the stock markets ... over paper gold. Backwardation is a rare event in gold, as physical gold is one of the most liquid forms of money.
The Banking System and the Money Multiplier
Today we commonly use paper or fiat money ... of bonds. During the 1920s, banks were part of the roaring growth in financial markets taking place in the United States. Looking for ways to make greater profits, banks actively participated in the stock ...
As the paper ... and stock market transactions. May 3: The EU Commission proposes that Greece become the 12th member-nation in the EMU. Jan. 1: The Euro celebrates its second birthday. Sept. 1: Advance distribution of Euro notes and coins to banks and ...